Female business networking groups in St Albans, Harpenden
and Welwyn - still networking via zoom

Welcome to
Fab Networking

Whether you are new to the area and need to get your business “out there”, you want to make more business contacts/friends or simply need the accountability, then Fab Networking is for you!

How Can We Help You?

When you become a member of Fab Networking you become part of one of Hertfordshire’s most respected women’s networking groups. Our members are supportive and proactive within the group and by attending regularly, build strong business and social relationships.

The dynamics of two hosts leads to a relaxed atmosphere, which is particularly appreciated to those new to, or a little nervous about networking.  That said, many of our members have been with us since 2010 and we have seen many businesses grow and strong friendships formed over the years.


We want your business to grow. Through increased understanding, sharing of knowledge, support and genuine referrals, you can concentrate on utilising your time to do the things that you are really good at.


Each member of Fab is part of your marketing team as the meetings give you direct access to a room full of influential businesswomen. Simply by attending meetings, you are advertising to potential customers.


Varied workshops covering topics from personal impact to social media marketing. Being a member of Fab ensures you are up to date with current business issues and gives you access to experts in many business fields.


Free coaching session to help you understand how best to move your business forward, give you the confidence and motivation to use your skills effectively and get the very best out of your membership.


Our private Facebook group offers access to over 50 other members in all groups extending the networking opportunity. Your own team of cheerleaders to share your offers, latest news and celebrate your victories.


As a group, we regularly support local charitable community events on an individual and group basis throughout the year. Our team performances in the St Albans Charity Pancake Race are renowned!