About Us

Welcome to Fab Networking

When you become a member of Fab Networking you become part of one of Hertfordshire’s most respected women’s networking groups.

Meet Your Hosts

Fab Networking is run by Claire Healy and Catherine Joce.  We both live and work in Hertfordshire and have vast experience of networking from first hand experience.  What makes Fab so unique is our relaxed presentation style and friendly and welcoming attitude.

Claire Healy set up community magazine Raring2Go! in 2006 to provide ideas about fun stuff to do for local families. “Networking has always been essential to my businesses and since starting Fab, I have met lots of local ladies, many of whom I have learnt from and found extremely supportive in my various ventures”.

Catherine Joce is a career development and personal image coach and works with individuals and groups at all stages in their careers. “Women are natural networkers, but often don’t realise they are doing it!  Since setting up Fab with Claire, I have had the privilege of meeting many brilliant, enthusiastic and inspiring women and to see women new to networking develop and grow in confidence. We can all learn from each other and Fab has always been fortunate to attract women who are generous with their support and their willingness to share information”.

Who We Are

The uniqueness of two hosts creates a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, which is particularly appreciated by those new to, or a little nervous about networking.  That said, many of our members have been with us since 2010 and we have seen many businesses grow and strong friendships formed.

Our Mission

We aim to keep our meetings fresh and interesting. We have varied themes, workshops and talks on business and lifestyle topics. Everyone can promote their business in a 60 second introduction, make useful connections both before and after the meeting and learn from and be inspired by others.

What We Do

We educate, support, encourage, nurture and sustain. By attending and contributing to the monthly meetings, members build both strong business and social relationships. Being a member of Fab has been likened to having a tribe of cheerleaders behind you in all that you do.

St Albans

Highfield Park Visitor Centre, Hill End Lane, St Albans, AL4 0AB


Memorial Hall, Marford Road, Wheathampstead. AL4 8AY.


Lemsford Hall, Brocket Road, Lemsford, AL8 7TT.


Joining FAB has absolutely changed my life. My business is growing beautifully and I know that FAB has contributed to that massively!

Leanne Antoine


Distinct Physiotherapy