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Some helpful information for your visit 

FAQ's for your Visit

We encourage visitors to our groups and are known to be very welcoming, especially to those less familiar with networking. There is never any pressure to join Fab and we are confident you will leave the meeting feeling positive and inspired.

If you would like to visit Fab, please contact us with your preferred group and details of your business

The cost is £10 payable by bank transfer in advance

Visitors are welcome to visit any of our groups twice.  We hope that by then you will be convinced that this is the networking group for you!

Don’t worry, many of our members were also new to networking, so we all understand how daunting coming to your first meeting can be.  We will be there to greet you,  introduce you and answer any of your questions before and during the meeting

Please bring plenty of business cards or literature and a smile! You will also need to be prepared to talk about your business for up to 60 seconds

It’s really simple, just visit a group to see if Fab is for you!

Where You Can Visit Us

St Albans

Highfield Park Visitor Centre, Hill End Lane, St Albans, AL4 0AB


Memorial Hall, Marford Road, Wheathampstead. AL4 8AY.


Lemsford Hall, Brocket Road, Lemsford, AL8 7TT.

Who Are We

The uniqueness of two hosts creates a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, which is particularly appreciated to those new to, or a little nervous about networking.  That said, many of our members have been with us since 2010 and we have seen many businesses grow and strong friendships formed over the years.

Our Mission

We aim to keep our meetings fresh and interesting. We have varied themes, workshops and talks on business and lifestyle topics. Everyone can promote their business in a 60 second introduction, make useful connections both before and after the meeting and learn from and be inspired by others.

What We Do

We educate, support, encourage, nurture and sustain. By attending and contributing to the monthly meetings, members build both strong business and social relationships. Being a member of Fab has been likened to having a tribe of cheerleaders behind you in all that you do.


Joining FAB has absolutely changed my life. My business is growing beautifully and I know that FAB has contributed to that massively!

Leanne Antoine


Distinct Physiotherapy